Academic Program

Rock Life is a non-degree seeking program at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania.  Applicants must have earned a high school diploma and meet all admission criteria.  Rock Life is a program in which students attend traditional academic classes and participate in a fully inclusive college experience.  This two- or four-year program is tailored to each individual’s interests, needs, and ambitions.

Students may enroll in classes for audit or for academic credit.  After the first two years, students may transfer into a degree-seeking program if qualified to do so.  

Pre-Employment Work-Based Learning Experience

In addition to attending classes, student’s in Rock Life will be given the opportunity to engage in pre-employment work-based learning experiences on- and off-campus.  Program coordinators and career coaches will assist each student in the process of securing a job in an area of interest.  If needed, career coaches will serve as work site mentors in order to ensure student’s are acquiring and refining practical job skills.

Independent Living

Rock Life students have the opportunity to live in the dorms on campus.  New to Rock Life this year is an on campus Living Learning Community (LLC) open to Rock Life students as well as undergraduate majors in Special Education, Recreation Therapy, Education, and related majors.  Students will be responsible for any fees associated with living on campus and purchasing a meal plan.  

In addition, a Rock Life Program Fee has been established to provide students with career coaches that reach beyond the academic classroom.  Career coaches provide students with guidance and support in understanding and navigating the college experience.  Each student’s career coach will be available to offer support to their student when needed.  

Living Well

Rock Life is housed in the Physical and Health Education Department at Slippery Rock University.  Due to this, the program focuses heavily on health and wellness promotion.  In terms of physical activity, students are offered the option to participate in Unified Fitness, a partner-based exercise program.  In addition, individualized exercise programs can be made with the assistance of a career coach.

Students may purchase a meal plan that allows them to get meals from a variety of locations on campus.  Career coaches may play a role in promoting healthy eating habits.  In addition, Slippery Rock University hosts various nutrition workshops throughout the semester.  The combined aspects of physical activity and nutrition ensure that students have the resources to acquire lifelong healthy habits.

Pictures taken by a current Rock Life student