Safety & Security

Employee Clearances

For the safety and security of all Rock Life students, every faculty member, staff participant, SRU employee, graduate and undergraduate student must have the following current clearances prior to participation in the program:

  • FBI Fingerprint
  • PA Child Abuse History
  • PA Criminal Record
  • ACT 24 (self report)

In addition, all students must complete and submit certain critical information (i.e., medical history, medications, behavior plans, etc.) to ensure their safety.  Parents will also be required to sign a document from the Family Educational Rights and Protection Act (FERPA) in order to receive academic information about their student.

Career Coaches

Each Rock Life student is assigned a Career Coach who is an undergraduate or graduate student at SRU.  Career Coaches ensure that their student is succeeding in all areas of college life.  Responsibilities of the Career Coaches include:

  • Ensure academic responsibilities are managed properly
  • Advocate for necessary accommodations
  • Promote involvement with social activities
  • Motivate towards regular physical activity and healthy eating habits

Career Coaches are available as support for their student as often or little as needed.